Originally I used this site/blog to share my knowledge of “woo woo” stuff, a.k.a. magic, energy work, mediumship, etc..  But, the last couple years I have been using this blog for my fellow infidelity survivors. It has been a way for me to heal, connect and help.

I am a highly intuitive empath, light worker, earth angel, energy healer, soul coach, medium, psychic, or any other word/s you would use to describe it.

I have spent my entire life developing my magical skills, sometimes not knowing it.  The last couple years I have been awakening and coming into my abilities more then ever.  Like most, my awakening started with trauma. In my case the trauma was from finding out my spouse cheated. I am now on a mission to help souls through their life experiences using my knowledge & experience to help them achieve inner peace and happiness, allowing them to make a successful recovery from whatever life has thrown at them with a special emphasis on infidelity.

My exe husband and I have 3 children. Our first born son is 22, he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has type 1 diabetes.  Our daughter is 18 and our youngest son is 9 and struggles with learning and has ADHD.  All three of our children have taught me more than any education could. Our family has been through a lot but I would not change it for anything.  Everything we have been through has brought us closer. 

As I just entered my 40s years and know more about myself than I ever thought imaginable, I am looking forward to following my true soul purpose.  

My personal infidelity survivor story. <<<CLICK

2 thoughts

  1. I want to ask this question but I have no idea how to condense this into one paragraph.

    I have known my girlfriend for over a year & a half.   We just really clicked from the first time we met.  We saw each other regularly after that and very quickly became very good friends (and yes, FWB)
    About 8 months ago she needed a place to stay and I have a big empty home, so she moved in still as friends.  Well, we quickly fell in love. 
    Naturally, we don’t agree on everything but in 8 months we have only had 3-4 real arguments.   Because of past relationships, we both despise fighting and desperately try to avoid it.   That said, we’re certainly having one now.  We’ve been at it for a week and a half.  Here’s why:
    Sex with her is and has always been amazing.  When we have it.   She says that she has a low sex drive, even though I don’t remember it being that way before.   Were down to once a week, sonetimes twice.  Frequently, we’ll talk about having sex, but it never actually happens.  The most common reasons are that she just isn’t in the mood anymore, or she will stall & delays so long that when she gets in bed
    She falls asleep before I can even get my clothes off.  In addition to “regular” sex, we also have always enjoyed group play, and since we’re both bi, any combination of gender works.  We don’t do this all the time, or even regularly, but we do it nonetheless, and neither of us has ever had any issues with it at all.  
    But now, she is insisting that she has to meet with guys “by herself”.  I have begged and pleaded for her not to, but she insists that it is something that is not just a possibility, but that it IS going to happen.  I’ve asked her why, and she can’t or won’t answer.  And especially, why is it so important when she already has more sex than she wants?   I asked why be there, and she says it’s because the guys she talks to don’t want me there.  So why not pick ones that don’t mind?  So she says that these aren’t just hookups, that these are guys she has talked to for months and some are ones she has been with in the past.  To me, that’s even worse.  These are guys with whom she has established a relationship with.   I’ve suggested several different ways that maybe we could compromise, but she flat out refuses.  The only thing close to a “reason” that she has been able to give me is that she doesn’t want have regrets in her old age.  So I asked her how much she would regret losing me over this.  She never answered the question.
    After two absolutely horrible marriages, where they never cared about things I might want, or what my opinions were, or how I be affected this has been, up until now, the happiest time of my life, and she absolutely is the love of my life.  I don’t want to lose her.   But, because my father cheated on my mom and they divorced when I was 5 and he then spent the next nine years putting me through hell for the sole purpose of getting in digs at my mom,, cheating has for me always been particularly abhorrent.   I don’t know what to do. 
    Oh, and apologize for the long winded explanation.   There was just so much I needed to say.


    1. If it was me I would cut my losses before any more time is wasted. She doesn’t seem to respect reasonable wishes. Best of luck to you!


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