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Why do I have to feel this pain? Over the years I have been emotionally murdered!

I never did anything to deserve the pain I felt.

A few months back I was dealing with new emotional pain because the actions of selfish people targeting me.

In the midst of a breakdown I HAD THE BIGGEST LIGHT BULB MOMENT! For the first time I was aware the pain I was feeling had nothing to do with me. The pain I was feeling was not my pain to feel.


I focused all the pain I have ever felt from my betrayer and his accomplices. I really focused and took some time to make sure all of it was leaving me and my body. I took that sick feeling in my stomach, the heart ache, the anger, everything that accumulated over the years and I balled it all up into my hands. When my hands felt like they had all the bad energy in them I thought about the senders of this energy and how the pain is theirs to feel. Then will all my might in my own magical way I threw all that energy in the direction of my foes and stated “So moat it be!”

INSTANT KARMIC MAGIC was served and has continued to be served. Why the heck did it take so long for me to learn this little trick?

When people try to hurt me and I did nothing to deserve it I simply take the hurt and “Return to Sender.”

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